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Transfert of technology

With more than 1000 achievements to its credit, ECOPLAST SA has considerable experience in the field of upstream wastewater treatment. In order to meet increasing international demand, ECOPLAST offers to share this experience with foreign companies eager to take a lead in their local market.

The activity of ECOPLAST is based on the concept of proximity and knowledge of the local requirements. These latter can vary considerably from one area to another, and the products must be adapted in function. The use of plastic material supports this adaptation.

ECOPLAST services include the following :

The definition of the a technology transfer project :

-> Market surveys
-> Evaluation of the company potential
-> Financial planning and cost-benefit analysis

The transfer of the technical know-how :

-> Support in acquiring of hardware and equipment
-> Staff training in construction design
-> Staff training in plastic manufacturing (welding and joining)
-> Support with the strategic planning of maintenance service

The transfer of commercial experience :

-> Institutional dialogue
-> Marketing
-> Follow up

The type of contractual service offered by ECOPLAST SA will depend on the conditions of the particular technology transfer project. Several methods are possible (contractual contract of transfer, sale under licence, etc.).

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