ECOPLAST SA, founded in 1991, is specialized in upstream wastewater treatment :

-> Wastewater pretreatment before discharging into the sewerage system.

-> Final wastewater treatment before discharging into the natural environment.

ECOPLAST methodology is based on modular treatment chains. ECOPLAST products are made out of plastic material (PVC, PE-HD, PP, Polyester). These quality materials offer the following advantages:

-> The possibility of customized solutions, in workshops or on-site
-> Easy installation due to lightweight materials
-> High resistance to sewage and gaz
-> Guaranteed watertightness , especially in the case of high phreatic water level
-> Easy maintenance due to low rugosity


ECOPLAST is a member of the Swiss Society for Water Protection (ASPEE) and the French-speaking Swiss Society for Air and Water Protection (ARPEA).

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